I work as a consultant, speaker, author & Board Member helping organizations build better products.

I started my career as a performance tester. Over my 10 year career I have worked as a performance architect, team leader, quality manager, trainer, board member and consultant.

I co-wrote the IBM Redbook on Performance and Capacity Implications for Big Data and am also the author of Introduction to Blockchain ebook available on Amazon.

Having worked at AccessHQ and IBM early in my career, I saw first-hand the impact of not considering application performance and impact it had on end user experience, brand, reputation and loss of revenue. I spent the first half of my career testing & optimizing performance of systems millions of people used every day.

Much of my engagements and the teams I worked with happened late in the software delivery life cycle which sometimes meant burning the mid night oil to meet deadlines, advising client to delay release of their product because of a critical performance issue, dealing with existing performance issues in production impacting end-user experience and client’s bottom line. I knew there had to be a better way.

Over last three years, working with and managing teams at NBN, Myer and NAB, I helped bring the ideas of customer-focus, shift-left testing, test early test often, horizontal monitoring, performance budgets and cross-functional collaboration to light. Since then have refined these ways of working through consulting, coaching and iteration. During this period, I also started focusing on emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IOT and AI.

Today I work as an independent consultant to large organizations struggling with their digital transformation, increasing their agility and integrating system performance into their delivery pipeline. I am also on the advisory board of the Global Skill Development Council and proud to be a contributor to its evolution.

On a personal note, I am a trained first aider and happily married for nearly  four  years and am proud father of an amazing daughter.