We are living in truly exciting times where digital technologies such as IOT, Blockchain, AR/VR, Big Data, AI and methodologies/practices such as Agile, DevOps and SecDevOps are disrupting every single industries. This means lots of opportunities but also lots of challenges for business dealing with quality assurance, especially around performance. Wanna chat about it and know how OzPerf can help you?

Key Services Offered :

  • Consultancy
  • Website Optimization
  • Performance Testing Solutions
  • Governance & Management
  • Quality Assurance Strategy & Processes
  • Data Analytics & Visualisation

Core Services


OzPerf consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical testing issues and opportunities. We bring deep, functional and technical expertise, but are also known for our holistic approach to testing.

Performance Testing Solutions

OzPerf can provide you with a solution on what tool is right for you and also offer cost-effective implementation, execution and reporting as per your need, specification and budget.

Website Optimization

OzPerf will quickly assess a wide variety of website performance charactistics and will report back to you with suggestions for improvements.

Governance & Management

OzPerf will help establish a framework that fits your methodology/practice to ensure you can make right decisions and also provide accountability for quality outcomes.

Quality Assurance Strategy & Process

OzPerf can help you build robust quality assurance strategies and processes. We will ensure that your IT applications are reliable and at the same time it delivers superior customer experience.

Data Analytics & Visualization

Big data (Customer, IOT, Operations and so forth) unlocks hidden opportunities and insights. OzPerf will help turn your data into business outcomes by delivering information management and analytic solutions that is meaningful in decision making.